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Luke & Josefina


An ordained minister and second-generation missionary, LUKE EVERETT served as director of Rancho Sordo Mundo for over 30 years when it was a free home and school for Deaf children. He is also an author, and international speaker at conferences and churches where he challenges people  to seek God and His will for their life by stepping out in faith. Together with his wife, Josefina, they currently manage the facilities on RSM as they continue to seek God's plan for them and for the Ranch. Josefina, who is Deaf herself, is the spiritual powerhouse of the family, and loves helping people in need in and around the Guadalupe Valley. One of Luke's passions is helping others start Deaf ministries around the world through counsel, consultation and/or with direct support from RSM. Luke & Josefina have three sons: Lucas, who is currently in college to be a professional translator; Joshua, who is working as construction worker at RSM; and Sammy, who graduated high school and is waiting to go to college. For down time, Luke loves riding his mountain bike around the beautiful Valley, and going fishing with his sons off the coast of Baja.

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Edward & Maria


As the Administrative Director of Rancho Sordo Mundo, EDWARD EVERETT has a plethora of stories and miracles involving everything that it takes to keep this ministry afloat and legal. His missionary experiences range from  overcoming neighboring wineries from blocking the well permit to transporting a donated firetruck through the Mexican border. His continued dedication in navigating the Mexican bureaucracy system in order to get things accomplished for RSM and the ministries partnered with it speaks for itself. In order to relax, Edward Everett loves traveling and taking cruises alongside his children, and his wife, Maria. Two of his children, Cristina & Eddie, currently work for RSM, while Stephanie is blazing her own path in the United States. Besides having a passion for neon signs, cars and off-road racing, Edward enjoys being a grandpa to Cristina's lovely daughter, Kristel. 


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Eddie B. Everett


Cristina Everett

CRISTINA is the oldest of Eddie's three children. She grew up on the Ranch her whole life and absolutely loved it. She had the fortune of growing up alongside her grandparents who were the founders of this wonderful ministry she calls home. Cristina is a connection source between the new Deaf school in Amealco and the Ranch and, she also manages the Lodging areas on the RSM property.  Her passions include helping others, creating and designing, and she is thankful she can do them all. She is excited to see what God has in store for her and her family. 


Joshua Everett

With a degree in Business Administration in Tourism, EDDIE'S responsibilities range from processing donations, working payroll, paying bills, and  doing all the business travelings like the bank and post office to keep the administration side of RSM running smoothly. Living his whole life on the Ranch, he is excited to see how God uses him to continue this amazing ministry his grandparents started long ago here on the ranch site and elsewhere like the new school in Amealco, Queretaro.

JOSHUA is the second eldest son of Luke. He has always had an adventurous spirit, and is always looking to better himself in order to serve others. After years of working on his grandparent's ministry as a dorm dad and maintenance man, Joshua decided to move to WA to improve his construction skills. 

Returning from WA State with construction experience under his belt, Joshua has been tasked with the remodeling, repairing, and improving the facilities on the Ranch site. He is looking forward to building a life here on the Ranch as the ministry moves into its new phase.